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Pre-ordering is Good.

At 1Call4 we are always looking for new ways to help improve your business and make life easy for you. Focusing on the hospitality industry we have developed a concept to help improve your business, keep customer satisfaction high and reducing heavily-trafficked areas. If you are a proprietor of a pub, restaurant or cafe this is the perfect product solution for you, PIG.

How it works: The app runs off a QR code which can be applied to several areas of your business. Your customers can browse your menu to build their order and select deliver to Table. Once customers have entered payment details, the app saves details to their personal phone so future purchases are easy to pay forUsing our pay at the table service app helps minimise interaction to keep staff and customers safe.

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How PIG can help your business: PIG integrates with your ICRTouch EPOS and back-office software. Orders push through to your TouchPoint system, like an in-store transaction and to the kitchen ready for preparing.

Safe social distance serving: Customers can enjoy meals and drinks without close interaction with staff or other guests. This also means that paper menus are void and less use of payment terminals or cash. .

Free personalisation: Personalising your app and making it your own is one of the key factors we deliver for customers. Adding your establishment’s logo onto the app and also can use this to personalise the look of your app – see image to the left for an example – also if you do not have a business logo we can make one for you. Your personalised app can also be created into a downloadable app from the apple and play stores.

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