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Cloud services

At 1Call4 we have comprehensive cloud services which provide our customers with on-demand shared computer processing and data storage from the hardware and software devices we supply.

ICRTouch’s TouchOffice Web removes all worry from having sensitive and vital information such as sales data, stock reports or menu pricing held locally. As the data is held in a cloud-based system, the risk of all data being lost is eradicated as it can be rapidly provisioned and recouped with minimal management effort.


  • Flexibility
    It’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity.
  • Work from anywhere
    If you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work.
  • Disaster Recovery
    With all your data saved to the cloud, you eliminate the need to backup locally.
  • Security
    Data securely stored in the cloud.
  • Automatic software updates
    We roll out regular software/security updates.
  • Live Sales Data
    Realtime sales data streamed to the cloud.
  • Capital-expenditure Free
    Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware.
  • On demand reporting
    Extract financial reports at the click of a button.

Networking infrastructure

We offer complete network infrastructure solutions that can cope with the most demanding of requirements. Our networks are designed to be easy to deploy, monitor, troubleshoot and manage using industry-leading components which are flexible enough to cope with evolving advances in technology, seamlessly coping with advancements in wireless access, virtualisation and online applications.


  • Flexibility
    Networks offer a quick and easy way to share files directly.
  • Resource Sharing
    All computers in the network can share resources.
  • Software Cost
    Avoid the need to buy individual licenses for individual workstations.
  • Communication
    Network users can communicate with people around the world via the network.
  • Software Management
    We roll out regular software/security updates.
  • Flexible Access
    Users can access files from throughout the network.
  • Security
    Specific directories can be password protected to limit access.
  • Workgroup Computing
    Workgroup software enables many users to contribute concurrently.

Apps for business

With technology being something which consumers constantly place reliance on, businesses are expected to adapt and deliver a seamless customer experience. Our digital technology can help to discover new revenue opportunities for your business with insight into how customers behave.

At the technology’s heart is an online service which already supports the ordering and payment of food, drink and merchandise that can be used for both collection and delivery. Our systems are incredibly user-friendly, so your business can meet customers’ demands, achieving an improved customer service.


  • Fully customisable
  • Supports both collection and delivery
  • Mobile payments
  • Have total control with real time updates
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Push notifications
  • App Store and Google Play release
  • EPOS, Loyalty, CRM, payment and printer integration

On-site and remote diagnostics AWARD WINNING SUPPORT BOTH ON AND OFF-SITE

Remote connectivity has advanced, meaning we can monitor your systems and resolve the majority of issues without a service team having to visit your site. We provide remote diagnostics and maintenance to diagnose faults and take corrective action when required.

Also we can alter settings to improve performance or prevent problems such as breakdowns. On the rare occasion, something cannot be implemented remotely, our engineers are available to attend personally. Working in this manner makes our support not only efficient but cost-effective. Should a site visit be required, we work nationwide and to strict SLA’s.

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