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Using digital signage throughout your hospital or surgery can brighten up an area relaxing patients. 

Digital signage is transforming the way health practises communicate with patients and staff. Using digital signage in the waiting room can reduce the perceived waiting time by up to 30%

LED screens and LCD video walls can be used to inject brightness into the darkest of waiting rooms. Freestanding displays can be used to highlight to patients around the facility health and safety concerns or new products available. Screens can also be used in hospitals to direct patients to specific wards. these monitors are specifically made for 24/7 use so that patients will always be able to find their way around the grounds. 

At 1Call4 we also provide security solutions that can be used to restrict the public from certain areas such as stock rooms, we have a variety of security cameras available which will protect customers and staff from unwanted issues that may happen during practice. 

Product Examples

Directions – Digital signage can be used to create bright directions for patients around your facility, digital signage is created for 24/7 use and can be tailored so that content can be scheduled meaning that the same information in different languages can be displayed on a loop.
Large Digital Display Screens – These screens are a fantastic way of displaying around your facility to highlight to patients and visitors important information or upcoming events. Information on screens can be updated via a central hub and can be scheduled for certain times of days.

Menus – Using digital menus are a great way of attracting customers to new products and special offers, menus can be updated and scheduled for specific times of the day so if anything is sold out it can be easily updated and communicated to customers meaning that more focus can be given on in house customer service.

LED Video Walls – Using the latest in LED technology we have the ability to create fantastic visual external and internal displays, these screens can be created in a multitude of shapes and sizes and are weatherproof meaning that they can withstand the British climate. With a small pixel pitch meaning that screens can be viewed across a waiting room creating a more relaxing environment for patients.

Soloutions which make a real difference – Believing that we can make a positive difference to your business and increase your revenue bringing into it additional value, we will use our expert knowledge to suggest to you the best products. Whether we are working with you to undertake an organisation-wide technology refresh across multiple sites, or working with a smaller owner-managed business, we aim to improve your digital solutions and suggest the most cost-effective best products available to make your business more efficient.
Bespoke, cost-effective service – One of our core values is that 5* customer service is key to building excellent client relationships so we have a fantastic handpicked selection of staff who are client-focused, this helps us to provide personalised IT solutions and fantastic service for each client’s specific business needs. We make sure all infrastructure is in place before installation, ensuring a project will be finished on time, to budget and your exact specifications. Following installation, we provide full training on all equipment and are here to answer any queries.

Experience – At 1Call4, only the best people are recruited, with a genuine depth of knowledge and experience in the sectors which they operate. We continuously develop our employees, ensuring they remain at the forefront of both the services and technology we provide. We recognise the value in our people, established by the reassurance our clients receive when dealing with someone who is the very best at their job. Our business development consultants adhere to our core values, alongside our extremely talented service engineers and analysts, who consistently provide professional, specialist expertise.

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