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Create a productive working environment using digital technology.

At 1Call4 we provide technology solutions for every corporate environment our products vary from interactive touch displays which have seamless file sharing and whiteboard capabilities to large format video walls which can be used across office spaces to inform colleagues about corporate events.

Not forgetting the foyer area of your business, we have digital solutions to improve the aesthetics of your entrance creating a clean impressive environment for guests and partners from free standing digital posters to double-sided window displays, our bespoke service tailors to suit each client’s specific needs.

Our bespoke service includes covering all aspects of the project; design, specification, supply and installation, or a mixture of specific elements which the project may require. The majority of our solutions can be done via an IT network for efficient administration.

As we are partnered with the leading manufacturers of video streaming and compression technologies, we can provide you with a range of graphics or video capture cards. This enables us to build dynamic video walls using state of the art wall controller systems which can integrate any type of video and data sources, on any display configuration. We can provide scalable solutions for auditorium audiovisual displays to small huddle rooms full of connectivity.

Product Examples

Advanced Video Wall Designs – Digital video display can be used in a multitude of ways in a corporate environment, from a waiting area to display your companies recent products to around the company building to highlight to colleagues new policies. We take care of your project from start to finish, bringing your ideas to life. Whether that means a simple yet effective video wall or a highly creative display, our team of project designers and installers can manage your project from start to finish. Providing you with simple to use cloud management software which allows an easy way to manage your video wall content and configuration.
Conferencing – Our systems can be used for a variety of functions, whether it be teamwork or conferencing. These systems can be solely used as digital displays or as interactive, touchscreen technology with the ability to cast multiple adjoining tablets and laptops at once making collaborative work easy. They can also be used as interactive whiteboards and come with a vast variety of software that can be adapted to your business needs.

Access Control – Security in the work place is a must enhancing your building’s security by limiting access to specific areas using our security systems, where by only allowing authorised staff entrance or lift operations which can be added into the access control system so users can only access sanctioned floors. Our systems can commence work before staff and visitors have even reached the building by controlling both entry and exit to the car park, allowing access only to authorised cars. The systems can even count vehicle entry, with a network ANPR camera solution. When the car park is full, the system can also bar further entries.

Soloutions which make a real difference – Believing that we can make a positive difference to your business and increase your revenue bringing into it additional value, we will use our expert knowledge to suggest to you the best products. Whether we are working with you to undertake an organisation-wide technology refresh across multiple sites, or working with a smaller owner-managed business, we aim to improve your digital solutions and suggest the most cost-effective best products available to make your business more efficient.
Bespoke, cost-effective service – One of our core values is that 5* customer service is key to building excellent client relationships so we have a fantastic handpicked selection of staff who are client-focused, this helps us to provide personalised IT solutions and fantastic service for each client’s specific business needs. We make sure all infrastructure is in place before installation, ensuring a project will be finished on time, to budget and your exact specifications. Following installation, we provide full training on all equipment and are here to answer any queries.

Experience – At 1Call4, only the best people are recruited, with a genuine depth of knowledge and experience in the sectors which they operate. We continuously develop our employees, ensuring they remain at the forefront of both the services and technology we provide. We recognise the value in our people, established by the reassurance our clients receive when dealing with someone who is the very best at their job. Our business development consultants adhere to our core values, alongside our extremely talented service engineers and analysts, who consistently provide professional, specialist expertise.

We are confident that we can provide a solution for your business. Our team is always available to listen to your requirements, but if you would prefer to leave an online enquiry then please enter your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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