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Sleep easy knowing that with our systems, your business is protected by using CCTV, access control and other monitoring systems.

At 1Call4 we provide a range of CCTV systems, suitable for any budget. These include state-of-the-art HD security cameras with 5-megapixel sensors, optical zoom and pan and tilt functions, as well as remote monitoring and app functionality. We understand how crucial it is for your business to be safe at all times, so our surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop when connected to an NVR system, allowing you to check in on your business, or monitor staff wherever you are. Our security solutions offer you the best way of developing your business’ surveillance system.

We have various security options including motion sensor cameras which record only when triggered by motion. Our range also includes both outdoor security and Wi-Fi cameras.

Access Control

Our electronic access control solutions help to allow only permitted personnel access to your premises. These systems are adaptable from single door entry to multi turnstile entry for stadiums, we can also adapt our security systems with multi-site capability for corporate offices.

These solutions can either be ‘standalone’ (a self-contained system needing only a power supply) or a PC-based networked access control system. Both types support several options for validating access permissions.

Security systems consist of access control door entry for prohibited areas to keep stock rooms safe and track staff whereabouts. Our varied systems include door access via a numeric pin code into a keypad, using a fingerprint or full facial recognition scanner, presenting a personalised touch card (RFID/MIFARE), swiping a magstripe card and come with multiple intercom options.

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