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We are partnered with leading LED digital display manufacturers, who help us to create stunning digital signage projects for our customers.

Our range includes state-of-the-art LED billboards and incredible LFDs. We supply captivating displays which engage consumers, in turn increasing your profit margins. We also offer content management services, helping to create an easy to use solution for you and your business.

We aim to provide high quality LED displays for your business, with a wide range available for you to choose from. These displays can be completely tailored to your business, providing a powerful display to match your desired use.


  • Energy efficient
    LED digital displays use less energy, making running them more cost efficient than average systems.
  • Scheduled messages
    Plan ahead by scheduling messages to be displayed a later date, making changes when necessary.
  • High brightness feature
    LEDs have a high brightness capacity, making them perfect for high traffic areas.
  • Vibrant colours
    Replace print media with systems which are capable of presenting content with a high impact rate.
  • Easy installation
    Our screens can be installed with ease, causing little disruption to your business.

Our partners are highly experienced; able to create digital signage solutions which are reliable and boast a variety of features. The LED screens we supply are readable in sunlight, consume less power than standard digital displays and even include weatherproof enclosures for outdoor projects. We strive to deliver excellent customer service, helping customers to find the right product for their business.

Replace print media with a system recognised for increasing sales and visitors to your site, reducing the amount of money spent on advertising campaigns. Digital signage can be used to evolve your business, modernising the ways in which it functions and reaching a wider audience. Customers are more likely to enter a store with eye-catching digital signage, encouraging impulse purchases.


  • Allow multiple users
    Need multiple users to access your signage? No worry. We can allow you to give multiple users access to your systems, meaning departments can change signage in their area to relevant content.
  • Simplify your signage
    Having a CMS means that you don’t have to change individual screens, rather change multiple screens from a single cloud-based system.
  • Store content digitally
    Our software allows you to schedule your content for later changes, whether it be a refresh, for holidays or for seasonal updates. Plan displays for big events, remind staff of events, inform consumers of sales or any range of content.

LED displays are rapidly developing, with manufacturers regularly releasing new and exciting products to enhance your business. We provide both indoor and outdoor solutions, helping to implement your vision.

These displays are significantly brighter than average sets, making them perfect for high traffic areas to attract consumers. Their colours are also more brilliant, making them a more attractive option for your digital signage needs.

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