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LED Digital Displays.

We are partnered with the leading LED digital display manufacturers, who by working closely with 1Call4 help us to create stunning large scale digital signage projects for our customers.

The LED product that we use is incredibly pliable making it easy for our engineers to create state-of-the-art LED billboards in an incredibly versatile clear large format displays. At 1Call4 we create bespoke captivating displays which engage consumers, in turn increasing your businesses revenue. 

As with all our products we aim to provide the highest quality displays for your business, these displays can be completely tailored to your business, providing a powerful display to match your desired use. Putting trust in highly experienced partners enabling us to create digital signage solutions which are reliable and boast a variety of features. The LED screens we supply are readable in sunlight, consume less power than standard digital displays and even include weatherproof enclosures for outdoor projects, all screens come with a content management system making it easy for screens to have content displayed and can also be deployed across multiple sites at the click of a button.

LED displays are rapidly developing and we are obsessed with finding new products for you. Providing both indoor and outdoor solutions we help to implement your bespoke vision. LED displays are significantly brighter than average screens, making them perfect for high traffic areas to attract consumers. Replace print media with a system recognised for increasing sales and visitors to your site, reducing the amount of money spent on advertising campaigns. Digital signage can be used to evolve your business, modernising how it functions and reaching a wider audience. Customers are more likely to enter a store with eye-catching digital signage, encouraging impulse purchases.


Product Examples

Installation and Quality – LED panels connect seamlessly and have minimal bezels meaning they can be tiled together to make large screens in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also built with a lower pixel density which means even in the brightest of rooms the content on the screen can be viewed. Screens achieve a true black with epoxy coated LEDs, have a weatherproof coating, have a wide colour gamut above 95% meaning that the screens have precise accuracy due to the self-emitting light source and with a wide viewing angle they can be viewed from anywhere and a far distance.
Lighting and Reliability – Because screens are made from LED bulbs this makes them energy efficient and long lasting which saves your company money in the long run. All screens have a long life with an average of 50,000 hours. The screens have the highest brightness available meaning that they can be used in a variety of environments without dullness of pictures as the panels are designed for high illumination.

Soloutions which make a real difference – Believing that we can make a positive difference to your business and increase your revenue bringing into it additional value, we will use our expert knowledge to suggest to you the best products. Whether we are working with you to undertake an organisation-wide technology refresh across multiple sites, or working with a smaller owner-managed business, we aim to improve your digital solutions and suggest the most cost-effective best products available to make your business more efficient.
Bespoke, cost-effective service – One of our core values is that 5* customer service is key to building excellent client relationships so we have a fantastic handpicked selection of staff who are client-focused, this helps us to provide personalised IT solutions and fantastic service for each client’s specific business needs. We make sure all infrastructure is in place before installation, ensuring a project will be finished on time, to budget and your exact specifications. Following installation, we provide full training on all equipment and are here to answer any queries.

Experience – At 1Call4, only the best people are recruited, with a genuine depth of knowledge and experience in the sectors which they operate. We continuously develop our employees, ensuring they remain at the forefront of both the services and technology we provide. We recognise the value in our people, established by the reassurance our clients receive when dealing with someone who is the very best at their job. Our business development consultants adhere to our core values, alongside our extremely talented service engineers and analysts, who consistently provide professional, specialist expertise.

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