What We Do

Access Control – Enhance your building’s security by limiting access to specific areas, only allowing authorised staff entrance and/or tie lift operations into the access control system so users can only access sanctioned floors. Our systems can commence work before staff and visitors have even reached the building by controlling both entry and exit to the car park, only allowing access to authorised cars. The systems can even count vehicle entry, with a network ANPR camera solution. When the car park is full, the system can also bar further entries.

Advanced Video Wall Designs – We take care of your project from start to finish, bringing your ideas to life. Whether that means a simple yet effective video wall or a highly creative display, our team of project designers and installers can manage your project from start to finish. Providing you with simple to use software which allows an easy way to manage your video wall content and configuration.

Conferencing – Our systems can be used for a variety of functions, whether it be teamwork or conferencing. These systems can be solely used as digital displays or as interactive, touchscreen technology.

What We Do

Integration – The software interfaces with the majority of leading hotel management and other hospitality software, enabling you to add guests’ purchases at the bar and restaurant to your existing system and pay when they check out.

Video Display – Our Video Walls, digital signage and digital menu boards are bespoke in design to best suit your company. Transform your reception area, over counter spaces and even create interactive wall displays within your establishment, with useful information about services and offers via digital displays. We can implement your design and both supply and install equipment to your vision. Not only that, but your hospitality business can greatly benefit from signage, as 7/10 customers are reported to have bought products due of digital signage.

Electronic Point of Sale – Our state-of-the-art flagship touchscreen till software offers unrivalled flexibility, whilst being fully customisable to your needs. The systems can scan, total, handle cash/cards and even include integral loyalty software. Couple this with a number of other products from our ICRTouch suite to provide powerful reporting and stock management.

Security – Our range of state-of-the-art HD security cameras provide peace of mind for you and your guests. Ensure only authorised people can access your property and guest rooms with a door entry system, providing a fully scalable Access Control system to suit your budget.

What We Do

Digital Display – With digital signage you can rejuvenate your business, helping to create an immersive and interactive environment for your clientele. We can provide a unique backdrop for your business, with eye-catching focal points to transform your customers’ experience. We can also provide effective digital window displays with high brightness display technology.

Till Systems – Our EPOS software can be configured for all retail systems. The till system is in constant communication with our back-office system, providing you with detailed live sales data reporting.

Website Integration – If you sell online, our system works in tandem with your website. It captures product sales data, financial reporting, live integrated stock control between shop and online and more, ensuring you can market your web solution efficiently.

Crime Prevention – CCTV which records footage whenever, for however long you require. We provide digital recorders storing over a terabyte of data, with even more available if required. CCTV evidence makes a difference in prosecutions, providing the ultimate criminal deterrent.

What We Do

Membership & Loyalty – A new way to monitor spending habits, begin promotion campaigns and target stock, days or people, our loyalty card software can be used however you require. This card can also be used for access, meaning members only require the one card for everything. Not only that, cashless payment means that you can reduce customer wait times with a much faster system, and enable price discounts to your loyal members – giving them something back.

Electronic Point of Sale – Includes an EPOS software program bespoke in design for you. We work with our customers on the design elements to ensure they have an EPOS system which matches their exact specifications.

Audio Visual – Our video walls, digital signage and sound systems can be tailored to suit your requirements. If you need POS (point of sales), signage or large format displays for live sporting events playback, we can take care of your design specification, supply all hardware & software and install all elements – taking care of your project from start to finish.

Security – Access control which links to club membership software, such as cards, and ensures only those with cards have access to the club, whether you require a single door or a multi turnstile entry system for a stadium. Coupled with our state-of-the-art HD digital security cameras, you have the complete security solution.